Cumbia Project

Cumbia is a model-based platform that leverages executable models. The idea of Cumbia is to combine the power of a model driven engineering (MDE) approach, to create execution environments for languages in a variety of contexts. In most of our case studies, we have focused on the application of Cumbia to the workflow context, and we have constructed a number of engines for well-known languages such as BPEL, BPMN, IMS-LD, and YAWL, and also for in-house workflow specification languages (XPM, PaperXpress).

By using this architecture, the development of engines for new workflow languages does not have to start from scratch. Instead, engines are built on top of a reusable workflow kernel that can be configured to support different workflow languages. Furthermore, the engines built using this kernel are more adaptable and more extensible than currently available engines.

We recently started applying Cumbia to the context of Enterprise Architecture Analysis. In this case, we are developing a tool for simulating enterprise architecture, which strives to offer extreme capabilities for flexibility and evolution.


The current objectives for activities related to Cumbia are the following:

- Use the platform in new settings to keep validating the approach, while looking for improvement possibilities.
- Study practical aspects related to the usage of Cumbia, such as how to facilitate its adoption by lowering the complexity and by providing better feedback and usage guidelines.
- Develop tools for end users of Cumbia which focus on making the platform more usable.

Main results:

Cumbia Platform
Caffeine (BPEL Engine)
Alegre (BPMN Engine)
Garabato (IMS-LD Engine)
YOC: YAWL on Cumbia (YAWL Engine)
XPM - Extensible Process Metamodel
XTM - Extensible Time Metamodel



 Mario Sánchez





  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Mario Sánchez
  • Bernardo Mohnblatt Linsker (b.mohnblatt25)
  • Daniel Ramos Diaz (d.ramos62)
  • Mayerly Romero (m.romero1573)
  • Laura Manzur
  • Former:

  • Nadya Calderón
  • Camilo Jiménez
  • Carlos Vega
  • Darío Correal
  • Silvia Takahashi
  • John Santa
  • Silvia de la Torre
  • Carlos Rodríguez
  • Manuel Muñoz
  • Diana Puentes
  • Daniel Romero
  • Pablo Márquez
  • Pablo Barvo
  • Jimmy Sánchez
  • John Espitia
  • Daniel Ahumada
  • Iván Barrero
  • Nolberto Jaimes
  • Sergio Moreno
  • John Cardozo
  • Mauricio Borrero
  • Alex Chacón
  • David Murillo
  • Gabriel Pedraza
  • Jaime Solano