A Software Product Lines for Mobile Applications

Mandarina Mobile


The constant growth, the global incursion, the technological advance and acceptance in the market of mobile devices, arise new needs and opportunities for a variety of organizations that are present in different business areas to provide their value offers or just improve business operation through this channel of distribution. Competition, cost reduction and productivity are the main motivations that push the companies to have mobile applications in their portfolio.

Therefore, the development of applications for mobile devices is a subject that takes a lot of interest and is characterized by the wide variety of platforms, the existing devices and their accelerate evolution.

Mandarina Mobile is a model driven software product line that wants to address those kinds of challenges delivering mobile applications in a specific context, managing the diversity of devices and platforms and the variability in functional requirements between different products.

The generated applications are hybrid applications based on HTML5 in a particularly context: connected mobile applications, characterized by being handled by a back-end server and some cellphone specific features like the use of the GPS, camera, contacts, etc.

Main results

Identification of functional and non-functional mobile patterns in the selected domain.

Design of the mobile base architecture in the SPL.

Development of the hybrid mobile application that will guide the generated ones.

A Software Product Lines for Mobile Applications A model-driven software product line for mobile applications - Mandarina Mobile Project


 Rubby Casallas
 David Méndez Acuña
 Carlos Andrés Toro





  • Rubby Casallas
  • Carlos Andrés Toro
  • Román Albarracín
  • Leonardo Ibarra