IT Complexity management


  • Estimate, model, and manage the complexity of the roadmap projects defined within an Enterprise Architecture (EA) exercise by using a fine-grained approach.       This involves the analysis of several of the artifacts and dependencies present among the target architecture domains.
  • Measure the effectiveness of an IT architecture through a projects roadmap complexity measurement
  • Define and evaluate strategies to re-define the projects roadmap to reduce the complexity for implementing the projects
  • Validate the Simple Iterative Partitions (SIP)  methodology [1] in real EA project
  • Establish a relation between time measure units and Structural Complexity Measure (SCM) units [2] estimated for a projects roadmap in a EA project

[1] R. Sessions, “Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises”, Microsoft Press, 2008.
[2] Sessions, R.: The IT complexity crisis: Danger and opportunity. ObjectWatch (2009).


IT Complexity Management


 Oscar Gonzalez Rojas





Current Members
  • Lady Alexandra Lopez Urreana (la.lopez66)
  • Guillermo Alfonso Molina León (Active)