Enterprise Architecture and Modeling


The Enterprise Architecture (EA) field, as a whole, has a large number of possible research lines as the ever-growing bibliography suggests. In our research group, we have decided to focus on topics that have a fairly direct impact on tools to support Enterprise Architecture projects, and on the platforms and frameworks to build such tools. In particular, we are interested in three stages of the life cycle of EA projects: metamodel and model construction, analysis of EA models and execution of EA models.
Conversely, we are not involved in research about methodological issues, unless they are intimately related to tool issues.

Research lines:

We have structured our work in four lines of research, which are presented in this document. Each of these lines is divided in research topics, for each of which we present the main results and the current work.

L1:  Metamodel and EA model construction
L2:  Analysis of EA models
L3:  Simulation and execution of EA models
L4:  Enterprise Architecture Laboratory

Consulting projects:

The group has a permanent consulting activity in IT and enterprise architecture with the belief that this activity strengthens and focuses the research. The following are the recent projects in which we participate:

•    Mundial de Seguros (One of the most important insurance companies in Colombia). Enterprise Architecture Project. Started in August 2013.
•    Servicio Geológico Colombiano (Colombian Geological Institute). Enterprise Architecture Project. Started in August 2013.
•    Fundación Juan Felipe Gómez (Social organization supporting teenage mothers in Colombia). IT Architecture Project. Started in July 2013.
•    Departamento de la Prosperidad Social – DPS (Colombian entity responsible for organizing social projects in the country). Enterprise Architecture Project. October/2012 – April/2013.
•    Consejo Colombiano de Seguridad (Colombian Council for Security). Enterprise Architecture Project. January/2012 – June/2012, January 2013-June/2013 
•    Project "Design of the Command and Control Integrated System for the Colombian Military Forces”. IT Architecture Project. March/2011-October/2012.
•    Quality Color (Colombian Company in digital photography). Enterprise Architecture Project. February/2011 – October/2012. 
•    COLPENSIONES – Sistema Pensional Colombiano (Colombian Social Security System). Enterprise Architecture Project. September/2010 – March/2011.
•    Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications. Advisory in Enterprise Architecture. April/2008 – March/2011.

Current Members

Faculty Members

 Jorge Villalobos
 Mario Sanchez 
 John Casallas

Doctoral Students

 Hector Flores
 Ivan Melo
 Paola Gomez

Research Engineers

 Laura Manzur
 David Naranjo

Master Students

 Julio César Reyes
 Julián Potes
 Andrés Rey Yamid Ramírez
 Andrés Ramos
 Álvaro López
 William Idrobo

Research Assistants

 Lina Casas
 Hernán Tenjo
 Mayerli Romero
 Adriana Noguera