Information gathering and document generation in EA

While Enterprise Architecture Models are the core artifact in an EA initiative, they are probably not easy to use directly. The information stored in an EA model should be represented in different ways depending on how is it going to be used and depending on who is going to use it. For example, it should be possible to produce up-to-date documents describing the enterprise, and these should be automatically generated to comply with requested structures (templates, deliverables, etc.) and to include all the latest information. On the other hand, other users need a browsable repository where they can search for objects in the EA model to study their attributes and relationships. Possibly, some of these users will also introduce additional information and will thus upgrade the model.

The main goal of this project is to built tools to 1) facilitate the process of gathering information and constructing the models, and 2) facilitate the process of generating documents in different formats and with different structures, all starting from the same EA model.


- Produce documents in various formats, using information contained in models. The documents should be usable: they should use an adequate or institutional format, and they should be editable when necessary.
- Handle the versioning of documents, especially of those that are built in iterations (e.g., some TOGAF deliverables that are progressively complemented).
- Include in the documents the kind of artifacts that are usually required in EA projects (catalogs, matrix, diagrams).
- Build a navigable and searchable repository for EA information.
- Support the process of information collection to populate the EA models.
- Support the inclusion of information about the collection process into the EA models

Information gathering and document generation in EA


 Mario Sánchez





  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Mario Sánchez
  • Bernardo Mohnblatt Linsker (b.mohnblatt25)
  • Daniel Ramos Diaz (d.ramos62)
  • Mayerly Romero (m.romero1573)
  • Giovanni Villegas (inactive)