Models and Metamodels Co-Creation

This is one of the lines that we have barely studied up to this point, although we believe it to have an interesting potential. While in the case of EnAr-Fusion we were assuming that metamodels for EA projects can be constructed by means of composing and adapting existing metamodels, in this line we are instead assuming that metamodels are going to be de ned in a kind-of organic way while the models themselves are built. This means that models and metamodels can be created at the same time, which requires special tools (editors).

Besides the issues purely related to the support of this co-creation and the maintenance of consistency, in this line of research there are other interesting topics such as those related to the usability of such tools.

Models and Metamodels Co-Creation


 Paola Gómez





  • Paola Gomez
  • Hector Florez
  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Mario Sanchez